The Holidays are upon us!

Well it’s two days before Thanksgiving, a time when most people decide to start decorating for the holidays, pick out their tree, and start their Christmas shopping – Not me!  While aI used to be that person, now I don’t typically start my Christmas decorating until mid Dec, because if I start any sooner, I know I’ll be ready to take it all down way before Christmas day!  🙂

I wanted to share with everyone my holiday time line – when I start things, when I plan to have everything done, and when I start taking it all down.

My friends are all very jealous, as I do my Christmas shopping throughout the year.  I already have a mental note of what my friends and family like, and want, so whenever I am out and about, and see something someone would love, I pick it up.  Easy peasy!

My daughter and I will not only pick out the tree, but decorate it on the same day – we usually shoot for mid December – We’ll buy one, bring it home, put it in the stand and let the decorating commence!  That’s also when I pull out all of my other Christmas decor and put it up as well.

I don’t cook – it’s not that I can’t, I just don’t enjoy it, so I like to help out my friends or family who are going to be hosting dinner on Christmas Eve, or Christmas, or cookie making with their grocery list.  So, at the beginning of December I try and get everyone to commit to what they’re planning on serving so that I can begin my list making, and coupon clipping.